840 W Broadway Avenue, Suite 100, Forest Lake, MN

About Lakes Life Care Center For Women

Lakes Life Care Center is a life-affirming non-profit ministry established by seven women in 1982 who were committed to serve women who found themselves in a crisis. Through medical services, education, mentoring and parenting classes, we offer real solutions. All of our services are free to clients and supported by love, respect and hope. It is our goal to make sure that every client that walks into our door feels surrounded by love and support.

Our Mission Statement

The Lakes Life Care Center Inc. is a clinic, education and resource center serving pregnant women, their families and other individuals in the Forest Lake and surrounding area. The Center offers professional pregnancy-related services, family education and material support to clients and their families in need. The Lakes LifeCare Center is affiliated with the Total LifeCare Centers, Inc., promoting respect for the dignity of each person at all stages of life from conception through natural death.